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The word “Healing” signifies ‘the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again’. That is what we are doing in Heavenly Bliss. The soul aim of Heavenly Bliss is to be a solace for the people who are suffering from physical mental emotional illness which is not responding to medications, through Meditation, Reiki, Past Life Regression Therapy, and other healing methods.

Any of these modality is not an alternative or substitute for medicines. We are helping you in opening up your chakras and detox the energy blocks, which get rid of your depression, anxiety, stress, fear and emotional blockages. Thus your body will react well to the medicines. Similarly these chakra clearing helps in eliminating the side effects caused by the chemicals used in medicines.

In Heavenly Bliss, we also provide solutions to your past life issues and past life karmic debts through Past Life Regression Therapy by using the combination of hypnotherapy and meditative relaxation techniques invented by Dr.Brian Weiss.

We also provide distant healing to animals through Animal Reiki to heal their physical and mental ailments. By balancing their chakras, they will become more active and playful. Animal reiki makes dogs less aggressive.